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The path through the swamp Self Dry Flower Mutated Kiwifruit Somewhere in the mist River Skaklya close to the Vazov's Eco trail Waterfall Varovitec България на 1 януари 2014 Apple Earphones Silhouette Extreme close-up of a fly Hypocrisy - Mixtape 5, Sofia 2013 Decapitated - Universiada Hall, Sofia 2013 Tulip Left alone Winter colors The valley of Beli Iskar River The Gorge of Erma River Golyam Beglik camping area Cloudy Sunrise Snezhanka Cave Sunrise on the dam Golyam Beglik Sunset over Melnik forsaken meditation Albert Einstein Dramatic sunset through the streets of Sofia Roger Waters The Wall tour Sofia - The Marching Hammers The square In front of NDK deserted Giant Ferris Wheel Boyana Waterfall in summer Milky Way from Goli Vruh My first attempt to capture the Milky Way Драгалевска река / Dragalevska River Pond near to Cherni Vrah Egg, Shadows and Toothpicks
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